Jan 18, 2021



The Site Superintendent will oversee and provide leadership to the Site Management Team, ensuring the construction project is in compliance with the Project Specific Safety Policy at all times and completed in accordance with the Budget, Schedule and Quality Standards.


The specific duties of the Site Superintendent shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Oversee all subcontractors to ensure performance is in accordance with the project documentation including their respective subcontract obligations
  • Enforce both the corporate and project specific safety plans, and ensure compliance from all subcontractors and personnel on site
  • Provide training and leadership to junior staff, including Project Coordinator and Assistant Superintendent(s), to ensure all staff is constantly learning and growing
  • Create, modify (if necessary) and implement site logistic plans (i.e. Construction Management Plan)
  • Produce/Complete Daily Job Reports, safety inspection reports, look ahead schedules and other related documentation/correspondence (i.e. RFI, Site Instructions, etc.) required for site communications
  • Problem solve site issues with the assistance of the Project Manager / Project Coordinator and project consultant team
  • Review field conditions and troubleshoot problems, correct inaccuracies and implement cost saving measures
  • Lead all site meetings, including weekly/bi-weekly subcontractor coordination meetings, safety meetings, consultant meetings, etc.
  • Monitor/Maintain the construction schedule (and micro-schedules) and analyze ways for acceleration
  • Ensure proper quality measures are in place to limit PPDI and PDI deficiencies
  • Oversee the scheduling and correction of all PPDI, PDI and any other related deficiencies to ensure proper turnover to homeowners and building management staff
  • Champion City Occupancy inspections, including the preparation of project documentation and site readiness
  • Provide regular schedule and general site updates to the Project Manager and Senior Management
  • Participate in monthly budget and schedule meetings with Senior Management
  • Inform Senior Management immediately of any potential delays, changes in scope or potential cost overruns
  • Performing other duties as may be required by Senior Management consistent



Post-secondary degree or diploma in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management or related field.


10+ Years in the residential high-rise construction industry.


  • Experiential understanding of construction principles, scheduling and budgeting
  • Ability to read and understand all drawings – Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Excellent communication and organization skills;
  • Great attention to detail
  • Microsoft Office – Excel, Word, Outlook, MS Project, etc.


Brixen Developments Inc. is a full-service real estate development company specializing in mid- to high-rise residential projects. Founded on the fundamental belief that people come first, Brixen Developments is committed to delivering high quality communities and desirable living spaces designed for the end user.

Brixen Developments Inc. values a culture in which team members share a sense of pride and ownership of the brand as well as the Company’s reputation and growth, motivated by common aspirations for the Company’s success.

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